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Clement's Freedom

Clement’s legs were paralyzed a few years ago and he has had to drag himself from place to place, until now. He has found freedom with his first wheelchair and is happier than he has been in years. $360 is all it took to completely change Clement’s life.

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Grace & her Grandmother

Grace was supported with weekly formula milk enabling her to stay at home with family. Donors also helped her Grandmother to start a maize business from outside her home. Thank you for supporting Grace and providing a better future for her family.

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A Safe Home For Zawadi

One donor gave 3 year old Zawadi a safe place to stay while her parents went to rehab for heroin addiction. They also provided clothes, a bed and other essentials. Once they successfully conquered their addiction, the family were able to start their new life.

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Help For Suita Battling Cancer

Suita is a single mom of 2 young girls. She is currently taking chemotherapy and is too weak to work. Without family support, she needed help with rent and utilities. Donors helped keep Suita and her girls in a safe living situation while she received treatment.

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David & His Aunt's Hair Business

David's Mum sadly passed away a few hours after delivery. David's Aunt became his carer. Donors helped her to buy the supplies she needed to set up a successful hair business. She can now provide a better future for her family.

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Zubaili is 86 years old. He lost his wife a few years ago. He was living in poor conditions and needed some help. A £100 donation gave Zubaili a bed, mattress, bedsheets, a mosquito net and some clothes. The transformation was incredible and Zubaili was so grateful.

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A Wheelchair For Davison

Davison recently had a leg amputation after a leg wound went untreated for three years. It was a difficult adjustment for him and meant that he was now struggling to move around. A donor funded a wheelchair for Davidson which transformed his life and gave him his mobility back.

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