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Connect with and directly support vetted projects and nonprofit organizations around the world

The journey so far

Gret's life was transformed after moving to Malawi in 2013 and living with the world's poorest. After filming a number of small projects and asking for fundraising support online, Gret saw the power in facilitating that connection and people's desire to help.

From humble beginnings, DonorSee has grown into a global community of people that are empowered to directly help people in need and support important projects.

That's just where we started, and we're not slowing down. We are constantly striving to innovate to serve the world's poorest and provide the internet's best place to give.


WHY DONORSEE is different

Donating on DonorSee is unlike any giving experience you have ever had.


Donate any amount and have complete control over how your donations are used. You choose which projects and individuals you would like to help. All donations are securely processed by Stripe.


Quickly and easily help people in the world's poorest countries. We only work with highly vetted, on-the-ground partners who truly understand the issues and needs. So you can donate with confidence, knowing that it will have a transformational impact.


We take you to the scene of your giving so you can see the difference you make and share in the joy you helped to create. Receiving a personalized thank you video from the people whose lives you touch will leave a lasting impact on you.

Our values

We never lose sight of who we are, and those we serve. These are the values that guide our decision making every day.



We believe in transparency, open communication, and holding ourselves accountable. How donations are used, and who is being helped in transparent on the DonorSee platform. We also fully communicate how DonorSee is operated and funded.



We believe that people can achieve great things when they work together towards a common purpose. We are committed to building a global community that works to make the world a better place,  through sustainable action and help.



We believe in the power of action in real time to achieve results. Traditional charity is hampered by bureaucracy, absorption of resources, and slowness of pace between help given and that help being received. We believe in removing those barriers to bring donors closer to the people they are supporting, and ensuring greater impact.



We believe in constant improvement in pursuit of our mission. We are committed to achieving the best possible experience and impact for Donors and our partners through consistent innovation in our technology, our service, and in how we operate.



We believe that inspired people work together better. We are committed to building a community that is inspiring and accessible to people from all backgrounds.

Financial Transparency

We proudly discuss our financial model and operating expenses. We believe that being forthright with you is the key to starting a relationship built on trust.

Operating expenses

The majority of our projects fall under our 0% fee model. We want each dollar to have its biggest impact and we take 0% overhead from those donations.

Our credit card processor, Stripe, takes a 2.9% (+29c) processing fee. This saves us significant admin cost of receiving and processing payments - and allows you to give with ease.

Most of our nonprofit partners pay a small monthly subscription to help offset our operating costs and the hosting costs. (Many of our partners have dedicated donors who cover this cost.) These are the projects that have the 0% model.

Some projects on our platform have a marketing fee that averages to 13.75%. This money is used for website maintenance, video hosting, improved features, marketing, project curation, partner development, handling service inquiries, and all our coaching.

While we would love to have 0% on everything, the reality is that charities need a budget to operate and grow. We hope that you see every donation on DonorSee as both an investment in those in need as well as an investment in the future of charity that we're working hard to build.

One of the best ways to support us is by signing up for monthly giving which provides us with predictable income for our high-impact projects. You are also welcome to leave a tip on any gift that helps us continue to build the future of charity.

Payment security

All donations are securely processed via Stripe so you have peace of mind knowing that you have the highest level of protection at all times.

SSL Protected

PCI Compliant


All transactions are SSL protected meaning your information is securely transmitted during payment.

Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security.

All credit card numbers are encrypted and safely stored in Stripe's state of the art data-center.


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