Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally, you may have questions about us and how we operate. If you don't the answer you're looking for here, please reach out to us on the contact page.

How do you vet your on-the-ground Partners?

Our partners apply to work with DonorSee through a rigorous application process that usually takes months to complete. Because of our high standards, we turn down more than 90% of organizations that apply. Each application is unique and context-specific. In general, we partner with aid workers who have a deep understanding of the people they are serving and who will be able to show you the impact your dollars are making.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes, any project that mentions “100% tax-deductible” is tax-deductible for U.S. donors. You will be sent a tax-receipt or be able to download one off of your profile. Projects that are not tax-deductible are still vetted and worth funding. Often their lack of tax-deduction has to do with their incorporation in another country (like the U.K.).

What are DonorSee's overhead costs?

The vast majority of every dollar goes to the actual person in need. But we still need to run our organization. Our Financial Transparency section has a full explanation but, our average overhead costs are 13.75% per donation. We use that to maintain our website, host video content, improve features, coordinate with our partners, handle customer service inquiries and market.

How are donations classified?

In order to not over-burden our partners, all DonorSee donations are designated as “unrestricted funds.” This means that if something unexpected happens with a particular project, then the funds can be repurposed without having to fill out strenuous amounts of paperwork for relatively small amounts of money. This is a rare situation and our Partners are trained to be uncompromisingly transparent about use of funds in all instances.

How can we further support DonorSee?

Thank you for asking! You can join our monthly giving program where your donations will go to the most urgent projects on DonorSee every month. You can also support us directly with this link. And you can learn more about our Founder and opportunities to support our mission here.

Are you perfect?

We are not but we do try our best. We work in the most impoverished (and often chaotic) corners of the globe. This allows us to use our decades of experience to magnify the impact of your dollars. But if something goes wrong, we tell you about it. We believe that being transparent about our mistakes will lead to a more trusting relationship between us in the future.