Donating on DonorSee is unlike any giving experience you have ever had.


You choose which projects and individuals you would like to support and have complete control over how your donations are used.


Quickly and easily help people in the world's poorest countries. Your donation will have a transformational impact - an impact you will get to see.


When you donate with us, you not only get assurance that your money is working, but you also get to experience the joy you create.


Hear why donors love the DonorSee experience

"We use DonorSee all the time and even though Timothy and Jackson can sometimes only give a dollar or two from their allowance, we are teaching them how to give and how rewarding and important it can be."

Patrick Weeks
Hospitality Manager, Virginia

“In one click of a button, you have just met a need in a totally different nation, which I think is absolutely incredible. And to see the stories and the people you get to directly impact, that definitely powerful”

Kevin and Janelle Batts
VP of Marketing at Google

"What I love so much about DonorSee is the transparency - knowing where the funds are going. I love the ability to get the feedback, to see the videos, to be able to connect with those who are on the ground, who are actually seeing the projects come to fruition"

Shae Bynes
Hospitality Manager, Virginia

“I am so trilled to use the DonorSee platform to help make a little difference in the world. As just one person, when you look at world poverty, it can be overwhelming. But it's great to join with other people and know that we can make a difference in the world.”

Kim McKnight
VP of Marketing at Google