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“We are proud to work every day to make sure that DonorSee is the #1 Humanitarian platform for Humanitarian organizations. We live it with you”

Gret Glyer, Founder, DonorSee

Not just another fundraising platform.

We understand your needs because we too have been there and done the work you do.

We care deeply about your work, and are as passionate about making a difference in people’s lives as you are.

DonorSee was started to give you the tools, audience and personal support you need to do your best work and create the biggest impact.

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We are your partner for driving growth, engagement & retention

Connect With Donors

Scale your fundraising with access to new Donors, marketing support and a dedicated success team member to help you get the most out of your campaigns.

Raise More Funds

We believe in supporting your mission. Join for free, raise money at 0% fees from your network, access new Donors on the platform at low cost, and grow your impact.

A 5-Star Donor Experience

Donors absolutely love the DonorSee experience and keep coming back to support you. Supercharge your retention by providing a great Donor experience.

Take your impact to the next level with DonorSee.

Do you feel like you have reached the limit of your fundraising efforts? We have helped non-profits like you see 4X growth in Donor engagement and retention.

We save you time and money by bringing new donors to you and shine a light on your mission so you can do more good.

A better way to engage and retain donors.

As well as putting you in front of new donors, we help you connect with existing donors in an engaging way to keep them coming back.

DonorSee users love seeing the impact of their donations and on average, they give 2.9 times per month.


Connect with donors in a way that they love.

Post Projects

We help you tell compelling and personalized stories of the people you are serving.

Get Donations

Raise from your network at 0% fees, or access new donors through our Premium membership.

Share Follow-up Stories

Build lasting relationships and happy donors by allowing them to see the impact of their gifts!

The world's most engaged donors


Built to help non-profits succeed

Engage and retain

At the heart of DonorSee is an amazing Donor experience that keeps Donors engaged and giving.

Easy to use

DonorSee is easy to use and quick to set-up, allowing you to fundraise quickly and maximize your impact.

Return on investment

Raise money at 0% fees from your network. Access new Donors on the platform at low cost, and positive ROI.

501(c) 3 integration

Fully integrated with 501(c) 3 accounting.  Enjoy seamless processing with automatically generated branded tax receipts on every donation.


Reach new heights with free marketing and advertising, and a dedicated success team member helping you to get projects funded.


SSL Protected, PCI compliant, encrypted,  & 24/7 monitoring to protect you against fraud. All payments are securely processed by Stripe.


Driving mission success for non profits around the world

“DonorSee is the best decision our organization has ever made.

DonorSee has allowed us to help people that we thought we would never be able to help. The DonorSee team is amazing and their dedication to see us successful is unbelievable. The personal touch they give to my staff and I keeps us going."

Patrice Miles
C.A.R.E. Africa

“Wow, do we love working with

We've connected with many donors and raised more money than we could have alone. The video concept has not only allowed donors to get a real peek into our work, it’s made our staff better at identifying opportunities to share with the world."

Jennings Wright
Ten 18 Uganda

“We have raised $148,000+ and met 1000+ new donors

DonorSee has been amazing for our charity in Tanzania. We have managed to raise $148,000+ and meet over a 1000 new donors, enabling us to save lives and dig people out of desperate situations."

Amy Hathaway
Forever Angles

“With DonorSee, supporters see, feel, and then do

DonorSee has allowed us at Universal Promise to cast a wider educational net, affecting individual students and also thousands of learners at once. As a result, hope has risen much faster than we had anticipated."

Marta Cummings
Universal Promise

“DonorSee makes our vision a reality

Donorsee gives our Hopes Smiles team in Uganda more freedom to focus on our mission. It makes our vision a reality by transforming the lives of donors by connecting them directly to real stories of transformation and the people doing the work."

Dr. Ryan Shinska
Hopes Smiles

“I thank God every day for DonorSee

I am amazed at the difference I’ve been able to make in my local community and Hospital through DonorSee. I remember looking around me at the need here, feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do. Then someone told me about DonorSee and everything changed!"

Margot Biggs

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